New Products

Each year, Blue Ribbon Pet introduces lots of great new products showcased at Global Pet Show & SuperZoo. From there, the best & most popular selections are made. Please browse each category to find the latest products available at your local pet stores across the USA!

Click through our amazing new mini ornament decor items offered this year. Vibrant colors, realistic details & artistically painted. Perfectly sized to fit small desktop tanks & bowls, and affordable enough to scatter multiples among your aquascape in a grouping. Safe for all fresh & saltwater aquariums & terrariums. Some sku’s even GLOW-under LED & Black-lighting!

New this year we offer you our mini Garden Clusters® aquatic plants for aquariums & terrariums. The decorative gravel bases help to anchor plants firmly into the substrate so whether you have a full tank or a low water level tank for amphibians or reptiles these plants will stand nicely on their own. Some sku’s even GLOW-under LED & Black-lighting!

2019 BR Color Catalog

11-2019 Full Color Catalog

Please download our full catalog packed with all of our new and current products for your pets to enjoy!