Dogs throughout history have been great companions & work partners for us. Our furry pets are enjoyed by people worldwide mostly as loving companions & considered family members! Blue Ribbon has developed an assortment of dog toy lines to benefit each type of dog breed, from the pure breed dog to the all-American lovable mutt. Our Plushables® & our Tug-O-Rope® have many playful features for your fur-baby to enjoy!

Our Plushables® line of plush dog toys are made from many different durable materials. Natra Buddies® toys are adorable creations that are soft, lovable, cuddly & plush. They are hand or machine washable…just air dry. Your pets will love them!

Our Tug-O-Rope® line of rope dog toys are made from natural cotton. They can be hand or machine washed, just air dry. The Cambric line is made from Cambric cotton rope with a distinct light even weaving that has a crisp texture. Available in many styles these are sure to be a favorite toy.

Important Safety Info:

Please note that most pet toys on the market are for “Play” and not specifically for “Chew”. Because of the destructive nature of a mouth full of sharp canine teeth, we simply cannot predict what the pet will do to it. There are many pets that actually just carry toys around for months if not years, with little or no destruction, and others that destroy it within 2 minutes. It is for this reason that we put this label on, because we never know what will happen with each individual case.

Our tags read the following: To ensure safety your pet should be supervised when playing with all toys. Your pet’s safety is your responsibility. Please remove “Tug O Rope” / “Plushables” if your pet tries to swallow pieces of this toy. Replace if unraveled, worn or damaged. Keep out of reach of children.